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Solid Colors CollectionTrendy Rugs

In modern furnishing, clean and simple style is becoming increasingly common, where the complexity of the material used (marble, wood, natural fabrics) is enhanced by essential forms that, combined with refined finishes, give the perception of the value of the raw material.
Simplicity, therefore, is synonymous with elegance and refinement.

This trend is also reflected very much in furnishing fabrics and trendy carpets.
Thanks to the great market demand, the most careful manufacturing companies abandon the design to make room for large, joined fields.
While on the one hand they may seem almost banal products due to their extreme aesthetic simplicity, on the other hand monochromaticism fully enhances the precious materials of which they are composed.



This is why Sartori has created a new line of plain colored rugs. The history of each of our products comes from high quality raw materials, carefully chosen natural fibers and expertly hand spun by expert weavers.

The manufacturing tradition of our company, allows us to offer a wide range of products suitable to satisfy every customer's need, totally customizable and with very short delivery times.
With these trendy rugs we want to enhance the quality of our precious yarns and the fine hand-crafted workmanship. A return to simplicity with a touch of elegance.

The most popular trend carpets today have to talk about luxury and for this reason the most sought-after yarns are the shiny ones, which give iridescent effects when in contact with light.
Therefore, vegetable silks (banana and bamboo) and viscose are particularly suitable. Non-shiny but still modern is hand-worked wool.
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The Quarzo collection is produced with hand-made banana silk, which gives the carpet a pleasant shine. Thanks to special processing and finishes we can appreciate a light streak that gives movement to the carpet.



The Stae collection is produced with handmade bamboo silk on wooden frames. The perfect shaving of this article makes it one of our lowest and lightest rugs, therefore more manageable.



The Giovi collection is characterized by two different yarns that make it up: 20% viscose with which the frame is made, and 80% wool with which the remaining surface of the carpet is produced. The carpets of this family can be customized in sizes, shapes, colors and designs.



The Bano collection entirely produced with banana silk yarn brings a pleasant luster to the eye and as much softness to the touch. This feature makes the Bano trend rugs perfect for any modern and refined decor.



The Zili collection, created with the finest wools originating from New Zealand, represents a very robust product and therefore suitable to be inserted also in contract projects. The warmer colors give naturalness and warmth to these trendy rugs.



The Marea collection, made entirely of 100% natural viscose, can be customized to meet any customer requirement. Like natural silks, this yarn also gives light to the environments in which it is inserted.




The Tema Frange collection, made with New Zealand wools, is characterized by the presence of fringes that define two sides of the carpet. These are fully customizable in different colors at the customer's discretion. So here you can create, or a plain colored carpet with fringes of the same tone, or a personalized product in double color, one for the fringes and one for the carpet.


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