Luxury rugs: how they are made

The distinguishing mark which really characterizes the best modern rugs is the quality of fibres and the ability of making manufacturing.

These two elements define the final charming of a rug that is not only a piece of furniture, but a sense experience.

How are they made?

  1. Handknotted rugs: they are made with the handknotting technique, an ancient Iranian, Indian, Turkish art.
  2. Handtufted rugs: they are made with a semimanual technique which entails the punching of wool yarns, silk and viscose on cotton cloth fastened on a loom.

  3. Hand-loom rugs: they are made by hand with the warp weave technique and with the help of a loom which makes working easier.

  4. Sumak: they are handembroidered with the “sumak” technique. Their main feature is the lack of pile, for this reason they are reversible.

  • 01_vintage_sartorirugs.jpg
    The Vintage collection comes from the wish to make old, worn out rugs revive and give them back a new meaning.

    The available standard sizes are: 180*230 – 210*300 – 250*340 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes and colours.

  • 02_nika_sartorirugs.jpg
    Nika is a collection of very thin rugs handknotted by skilled weavers. The ancient handknotting technique and the high quality raw materials make this product very rich.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 180*230 – 200*300 – 210*300 – 250*340 – 250*350 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

  • 03_erasmo_sartorirugs.jpg
    The distinguishing mark of Erasmo rugs is the artistic feature.
    Made in very high quality raw materials, they have got two colours, the one for the background, the other for the pattern. This latter is made with the loop technique.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 180*230 – 200*300 –  210*300 - 250*340 – 250*350 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

  • 04_sanmarco_sartorirugs.jpg

    San Marco collection comes from an attentive market analysis which shows a more and more frequent demand for silky rugs. In order to satisfy this demand, our design centre has tested different materials choosing, among them, a vegetable fibre drawn from Nepalese banana trees.

    The available standard sizes are: 180*230 – 200*300 – 250*340 – 250*350 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

  • 05_graven_sartorirugs.jpg
    Graven collection rugs are characterized by pure artistic taste and innovative style. As a matter of fact, they are design rugs which come from fascination created by the breath-taking force of contemporary art.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 180*230 – 200*300 – 210*300 – 250*350 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

  • 06_galea_sartorirugs.jpg
    “Sartori Home Interiors Luxury”

    We have created our Galea collection after visiting the luxury pavilion at the 2017 Furniture Fair where our project was born. This collection draws inspiration from the iconic patterns of the collections which have been following one another over the history of our company.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 180*230 – 200*300 – 210*300 – 250*340 – 250*350 – 300*400. Rugs can be custom-made.

  • 08_meta-carving_sartorirugs.jpg
    Meta Carving collection modern rugs are made of very thin New Zealand wool and their patterns are made by carving the pile of the finished rug. So, there is a pleasant light and shade effect between the pattern and the background.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 180*230 – 200*300 – 210*300 – 250*350 – 300*400.

    Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

  • 12_malibran_sartorirugs.jpg
    Malibran collection sumak rugs have got geometric patterns and are made of 100% handspun wool.

    The available standard sizes are: 170*240 – 200*300 - 250*350 – 300*400.

    Rugs can be custom-made as for sizes, colours and patterns.

How to make the right choice?

The answers to your questions about rugs

This guide of great value leads you to choose the perfect models so that you can harmonize your home style starting from the types of manufacturing until the suggestions about the way of placing the rug in your room according to the function you want to give it.

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Rooms, suggestions and inspirations

Rugs are refined accessories which enhance your interior design and make your home more welcoming, charming, but never trivial.
Today rugs fashion is developing together with interior design giving a very wide range of style, shapes and colours suitable for modern and vintage interior design.
  • 01_vintage_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg

    Rugs are not mere aesthetic accessories, they are very important objects which can be used by architects for different purposes.

  • 02_nika_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg


    A grey rug is matched with the white sofa and, thanks to the vintage effect, it makes this room more special. This large-sized rug is the protagonist of the room.

  • 04_sanmarco_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg


    The various elements in the room, having neutral colours, help define essential and refined style at the same time. The sizes of the rug underline the spaciousness of this sitting room enlarging it further.

  • 05_graven_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg


    The matching of rug and chairs, both of them having a light colour, enhance the parquet floor. This kind of matching makes the room sunny and eco-chic.

  • 06_galea_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg


    Families with children are the first ones to invest in a quality rug which must be soft, strong and easy to clean. Placing a rug in a corner near a basket of toys is a very good way of creating the perfect room for your children.

  • 09_celebrity_ambient-sartorirugs.jpg

    For those whose sofa and floor are similar, they can get a softer effect by placing a white or beige rug as well. This is the perfect choice to give more brightness to the room.

  • META CARVING_ME1601.jpg


    Placing the rug in a precise point of your room and placing furniture around it. The rug has this function, too: to become the core of your room, the core around which the remaining furniture can be placed.

  • VINTAGE al posto del CRETTO.jpg


    Starting chromatic linearity, that of floor and furniture, is carried on by the choice of the rug. Furnishing your home with accessories of this style and colour means giving it a simple and elegant mark, even if the choice of the scratchy rug defuses a room which, otherwise, would be too austere.

  • Erasmo_.jpg

    In a room like that, you can take your pick about the rug attempting colours according to the desired visual effect. If you like soft colours which make your eyes and your mind rest, you should furnish it in the same way, otherwise if you furnish it with a rug having pastel shades, for example precious and glassy sea-green, you will be able to break starting chromatic linearity.

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Design Preciousness
How to choose sizes and place your rug


A) 240x170 cm
B) 200x300 cm
C) 250x350 cm
D) 300x400 cm

It is necessary to measure the space for the rug in order to find the most suitable size. Rough and wrong measurement would be very bad in terms of harmony and practicality.

The above-mentioned sizes are standard, but specialized firms make custom-made rugs with the sizes the customer demand so that the rug covers the room perfectly.



Some firms provide a free trial offer at your home where the rug is taken and placed in the room it is for, so that you can buy it peacefully being aware that the rug is in the desired place perfectly.

The rug you try at your home is often completely different from the one you see in the shop; in our rooms it has got different light and shades effects and that is due to the different brightness of the room. For this reason, even the colour takes new shades which do not always correspond to the desired ones.

You should have direct experience with the rug and not merely look at the illustrated catalogue or the one in the shop, but you should look for a firm which provides this kind of service at your home.

 How to place the rug

The right position of rugs is important not only to enhance your rooms and interior design style , but also to give a unique and personal high-class touch to all your rooms.

If it is for your sitting room

Some people think that a rug which covers all the elements in a room has got a better aesthetic effect. As you can see in the picture, the rug covers the two sofas and the table entirely.
In this exemple, there is a different interior design strategy: the rug covers the elements in the sitting room only partially. The two sofas are on the two ends of the rug so as to fasten it on the floor and not to make it run.
Another way of furnishing is to make the rug the core of your sitting room and arrange all its elements around the rug. However, this solution is less and less chosen since the effect of the sofas covered by the rug is much more pleasant.

If it is for your dining room

In the dining room the most classic placing is the following. Besides being pleasant aesthetically, it is also very functional. Being much bigger than the table, the rug does not risk of getting caught by the chairs.

This example helps understand fully how much the right placing is important, and the right size, too; a smaller rug would hinder your movements if you sat down at the table or left it.


If it is for your bedroom

In the bedroom the most popular furnishing strategy if you want to get up on the right foot is the following.

The upper edge of the rug is fastened by the bed which prevents its movement. In this case, too, placing is personal and changes according to the customer’s taste.



If you are afraid of measurement of your room and you do not know how to place the rug, you should turn to an architect.

A design and interior design professional can upset the aspect of your room in a positive way finding the perfect placing of your rug whose shape suits your rooms most.

People who have asked an architect have turned their home into a place of extraordinary beauty finding furnishing strategies they have never thought about before.

 Cleaning the rug 

Good cleaning and maintenance are the best way to keep a lasting rug.


Daily cleaning can be done with the vacuum cleaner. You must not use the electric broom with rollers.

For periodic cleaning 


The best thing to do for deep cleaning is to turn to a specialized laundry and have your rug dry-cleaned. If you want to clean it at your home, you should clean it with mild soap and water below 30°C.

What the most popular colours are

The first thing to do when you invest in a new rug is to picture it in the room where it will be placed: the room which it will be for and all the other elements avoiding excessive matchings or clashing style.

They are usually beige, white, pearl-grey, dark grey and brown.

Colori tendenza Sartori Rugs



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