Tips For Choosing the Best Bedroom Rugs

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Tips For Choosing the Best Bedroom Rugs

Your home should look warm and relaxing, and especially your bedroom: if a bedroom looks cozy, your sleep will certainly be deep and restful.

If you have carefully chosen your bed and the rest of the furniture, all the textiles and the accessories, and you feel that something is still missing, and your room still looks bare and inhospitable, you probably need… rugs!

Rugs are something you really can’t do without: it’s the last detail, the one that adds style and creates a more intimate setting.

How can you choose the perfect bedroom area rugs? Here are some tips you can follow to make the best choice:

Carefully measure the room before purchasing your bedroom area rugs. If your bedroom is large enough, your best option is choosing a rug about twice your bed size, so you can put your bed in the center and still have a soft space to land when you’re getting out of bed.

You can either put your rug under the bedside tables or right in front of them (see the images below).


If your bedroom is small, the best option is to get a pair of runners for either side of the bed.


Bedroom area rugs are usually rectangular: regular shapes are always a safe choice if we want to create visual balance.

You can also choose unusual and creative shapes, just remember that variety can cause visual chaos, and what you’re looking for is harmony and balance.



Choose you rug colors very carefully.

You should balance the color scale in your bedroom: soft and neutral colors like white, gray or pastel colors will create a relaxing environment, and allow you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.


Warm colors are always a good choice if the style of your bedroom is more classic.
If you like playing with contrasts and your decor is light and minimal, you can choose bright colors for your bedroom area rugs.


If you want to avoid allergic reactions you should choose 100% natural fibers, like wool. Natural fibers are safe and sustainable, besides being very soft and warm under your feet.


Area rugs provide many benefits to your bedroom: they are functional while adding an element of style to your decor.

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