The Best Rugs For Contract Hotels

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The Best Rugs For Contract Hotels

From the residential one to the hospitality one, modern rugs are an integral part of the best contract projects. They are perfect to harmonize and complete the fittings adding a touch of welcome warmth to the environments where they are put in.

For that reason, also the most glamorous hotels need the best contract rugs  to furnish rooms and common areas.

But what are the best contract rugs for hotels and what are their features?

In order to make the best choice, it is necessary to examine thoroughly the place where the rugs will be put in. For example, if the room is the reception, it is advisable to choose a strong rug with dark shades as it will bear best the guests’ continuous footfalls.

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On the contrary, as far as bedrooms are concerned, you can prefer contract rugs with softer and silky colours. In that case, footfalls and wear are definitely reduced, but you have to pay attention to the size of the rug which has to be suitable for the guest’s demands,but it does not have to hamper the cleaning of the room.


Since contract rugs for hotels are the complements which are chosen and placed lastly, often just before the opening of the hotel, you have to assess the delivery time of the supplying firm.

Firms which supply contract rugs for hotels, such as Sartori, can offer a wide range of products in prompt delivery and can deliver all over the world in a very short time.

Once the firm has been in touch with its customer to agree upon the style, the size and the colours, it will be able to propose a selection of photographs of the most suitable rugs to satisfy the specific requirements of the project.

Contract Hotel_ New York

On the contrary, if the project includes custom-made rugs, the typology, the material, the colours and the designs will have to be agreed upon with the customer. In that case, the delivery time will be longer, so it is advisable to get in touch with the firm far in advance.

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The mission of Sartori Contract Division is to put the customer’s satisfaction first without disregarding the quality of contract rugs for hotels.

In order to know the projects of Sartori Contract Division and choose the perfect rugs for your projects, download our free e-book!

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