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Modern rugs choose the right colorsIf you are on the verge of buying a rug and have no idea as to where to start, might I advise you against rushing off to flick through the catalogue of some huge rug company or looking through the latest printed and on-line interior design magazines. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why do you want to cover one of your floors with a rug.

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It might be to hide a floor you don't like or you think looks old-fashioned, or maybe it's to hide an old cracked or broken tile which cannot be replaced. Or it might be because you want a warm rug to lie on in the evenings while you're watching TV or gazing into the wood as it burns in the fireplace or playing with your children.


Choose the colours of your rug to match your furniture

One of the factors that is most easily noticeable is the colour of the rug. This needs careful selection based on the style adopted and the functionality you need it to have.

Bright or soft shades

Shades can influence a person's moods, as well as being a factor that helps us relax.

Bright colours are decidedly stimulating, while soft colours will make the atmosphere much more relaxing and peaceful.


Obviously the most suitable colour will have to be chosen based on the furnishings and shades already present in the room.


Choosing between patterened and plain

One dilemma is whether to choose a plain rug or a striking pattern characterized by a mix of colours.

A plain rug is without doubt the idea choice for those who love a minimalist and modern style while a Persian carpet, with geometric designs and textures translates into a choice of charm and luxury for a classic style living room for welcoming guests.

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Choosing the most suitable colour

Being as we are looking at the most varied environments, with styles that may have a multitude of combinations, it is a good idea to make a memo on the basis of which to choose the most suitable colour for your rug:

  • on dark floor a light rug will stand out more, making it the ideal choice;
  • on a light floor, a dark colour is preferable only if the room itself is very bright, otherwise there is a risk of it becoming gloomy;
  • smaller rooms require bright and very light colours;
  • for the living room, the traditional choice is tone on tone, if you want to add some variation, focus on a contrasting colour to liven up the room;
  • if you have a solid-coloured sofa, you can afford to be daring with a carpet full of textures, patterns and colours;
  • if you want a carpet that lasts over time and one you won't get bored of, classic colours such as light beige, gray and black never go out of fashion and go with any type of style.
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If you want any more advice, don't hesitate to ask an expert for all the best guidance you need in choosing the right rug and achieve a great end result and the furnishing you have always dreamed of.

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