How to furnish your home: 2018 Autumn/Winter Trends

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Now that summer has gone by with its overwhelming lightness and brightness, it is time to look ahead towards cold weather and the new year so as to go on amazing with style.

October is the perfect month for previews to show the new interior design trends.

As usual, the very lastest events about the most trendy colour matchings of the moment are proposed by Pantone. So, let us give free vent to vegetable appeals of leaves and berries with a broad range of shades from the mossy green to the lime, from the plum-coloured to the lilac. These colours are perfect for the living area where you can match mossy green walls (with printings, too) with padded furniture in velvet or leather, cushions, vases and purple flowers. Metallic finishes, even better with a copper effect, are always fashionable.


We also welcome the choice of bright blue and dark blue matched with the orange and the yellow which are perfect especially in the kitchen. In order to enhance further this deep colour contrast, you can add some details in natural wood with a very simple design  such as shelves and tables. Floral or geometric printings on fabrics for furnishing and some golden finishes will give the finishing touch.


Pastel palettes always seem to be a pleasant return. Soft, restful shades for fabrics and objects are suitable to a minimalist sleeping area or a vintage bathroom. Lights will be a strong point and will enhance the style and the space of the room. In order to personalize your rooms to the utmost, we advise to “play” with pop-chic complements which are perfect with pastel shades!


For those who are fond of ethnic mood, all natural materials and the warm colours of the earth will be very trendy: wood and raw materials will be the real protagonists of this style. There will be also a new fashion for those who are fond of hi-tech: thanks to metals, glasses and shot finishes, linear rooms will be more refined than ever.

“Personalization” is the key word of the new trends. Unoriginal, monotonous furniture is totally cut out. So, enjoy yourselves giving a new identity to your home with the style which characterizes you best and following the suggestions given by fashion so as to take a step forward.

In order to discover how to match colours and styles, setting up your dream house, read our free guide! 

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