Handmade Rugs: Cleaning is Essential

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Handmade Rugs Cleaning is Essential

Modern or classic, small or large, rugs are the most loved and appreciated furnishing accessories, especially if you have children and pets. Everyday they are used and abused: their soft pile can be pressed by furniture, walked on, or accidentally stained; on top of that, dust constantly and inevitably accumulates, harboring dust mites.

How can we deep clean our rugs without damaging the pile?
For perfect rug cleaning follow these 5 simple tips:


1. Daily vacuuming

Proper vacuuming is crucial if you want to avoid moths and mites harboring in your rug. Air out your rugs regularly and vacuum them daily to avoid dust allergies and keep them looking their best. Do not use beaters: they can damage the rug’s pile and knots. Sometimes you should even turn your rug upside down and vacuum the downward side.


2. Vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners

For perfect rug cleaning you need a good vacuum cleaner, with a strong aspiration system that suctions dust and dirt from your rug’s pile without any damage. If you use an upright vacuum cleaner, pay attention to brushes. Soft bristle brushes are good. Roller brushes are too harsh and can ruin or even tear the rug.


3. Stains

So far we have only described ordinary daily rug care, but rug cleaning can be a nightmare if we accidentally spill liquids or drop food. To solve this kind of problems you should take immediate action: absorb excess liquid with absorbing paper; carefully tap the stain with a mix of mild soap and warm water (do not exceed 30°C); let it dry.


4. Deep cleaning

Once a year you should deep-clean your rug. Professional rug cleaners use specific products, so you can rest assured that your rug will be perfectly sanitized without being damaged.


5. General rug cleaning rules

Effective rug care, especially for ancient rugs, includes the following rules:

 - protect your rug from direct sunlight, to keep its vivid colors.

 - avoid “do-it-yourself”: improper use of cleaning products can ruin your rug irreparably.

 - avoid putting plant pots with drainage holes on the rug: water could drain out and soak the rug’s pile, producing ugly water ring stains and mould.

Sanitation and cleaning are necessary to keep your home safe and comfortable, that’s why you should always take good care of your rugs.


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