Design rugs: the carpet and its advantages

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Design rugs the carpet and its advantagesHow many times have you stayed in a hotel, at the seaside or in the mountains, and heard other guests rumbling down the corridors with their suitcases or the people in the room above walking across your ceiling first thing in the morning? It would seem that many hotels do not realise that one of the things most people are looking for in a holiday is peace and quiet. And providing that is simply impossible without carpeting.


Carpeting represents a really comfortable, silent and exceptionally soft textile floor covering which also acts as great soundproofing.  

No floor covering is quieter and absorbs more sound than carpeting. Which is why carpeting is the interior floor covering we all want to find in our hotel, be it a 5-star or 1-star, because it really is the only solution capable of guaranteeing optimum silence and comfort.


Furthermore, carpeting provides both a tactile and visual sensation. It can have a wonderful velvety feel thanks to the materials and special manufacturing processes used. The pile creates a flexible, soft surface, pleasant to the touch, which is much more comfortable to walk and lie down on. The pleasant visual aspect produced by carpeting lies in the many colours and structures used.

Carpet pile is not limited to just one type, many variations are available; long, short, curled, cut, knotted, twisted and many more. Carpeting also comes in an enormous range of colours.

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Different types of carpeting are available for the homehotels, offices, staircases and other areas which need a higher resistance to wear and tear.  To understand whether or not a particular type of carpet suits your needs, take a look at the technical data sheet. The quality of carpeting can only be measured based on its ID card, by that we mean the technical data sheet which not only gives you indications on weight and compactness but a whole load of other details and information.


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