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Custom rugs We make your ideasThe furnishings sector is moving increasingly more towards the total customisation of furniture and accessories.
This trend is even more evident in the contract sector, where customisation is requested not only for aesthetic reasons but above all for functional purposes.

Contract projects nearly always include rugs that are customised in terms of colours, size, design, shape and materials. This means relying on manufacturers with years of experience in the world of custom rugs and contracting. 

How can rugs be customised for contract projects that are perfect in every detail?


In projects with very large or uneven surfaces, it is not possible to use standard-sized rugs as they would be either too small or unsuitable.
The solution is to create made-to-measure rugs using very large special looms, on which craftsmen can work as a team to create the required product. 

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Some customers use rugs not only as furnishing accessories but also to enhance their own specific image.
For example, when they want to give greater visibility to a logo, wording or design they own, they can have it incorporated into their rugs. 
The type of workmanship needed to achieve a design varies and must be discussed on an individual basis with the manufacturer who will take into account the customer’s specific needs.



A really important element for the harmony of the whole contract project is the colour scheme.
Colour combinations and different shades are as essential on walls as in furnishing accessories. 
Contract rugs are fully customisable in terms of colours thanks to schemes recommended by the company itself while specific requests can also be discussed.




Standard rugs usually available on the market have regular geometrical shapes, mainly rectangular, square and round, which suit most kinds of interior design requirements.
But sometimes special shapes are needed, such as flowers, abstract shapes, etc.. These shapes can be made by providing a sketch or an outline idea to the company which will undertake to develop a render of the end product.



Contract rugs can also be customised in terms of materials.
Based on rug use and positioning, it is possible to opt for a single- or mixed-fibre solution.
There is a wide range of choices, including wool, silk, and viscose; the important thing is to choose a high-quality fibre of natural origin. 
The general advice is to consider the position of the rug and how much wear it will be subjected to as these are essential aspects when choosing the raw materials and workmanship.

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Trusting the advice of manufacturers is always the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Sartori contract department is at your service to provide you with any information you may need. Write to us at:

We will be able to shape your ideas with ad hoc solutions for your every need.

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