Custom Luxury Carpets for Yachts

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Custom Luxury Carpets for Yachts

Contract work is currently an evolving sector, and demand for customised rugs is ever growing. That feeling of owning a unique product is an added value in today's world, and a privilege increasingly sought after when it comes to furnishing supplies.

One emerging sector that has seen particular demand for customised rugs in recent years is the yacht world. 

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This is a sector where customisation is key to creating a unique, yet functional, space. Each yacht is fundamentally different in terms of its dimensions and spaces, meaning that each project must be fully customised down to the finest detail.  Rugs, in particular, require custom design of each little aspect, in order to fit the surface area and shape of the space they will adorn. 

Let's take a detailed look at how contract rugs for yachts can be customised:

  • DIMENSIONS: Standard dimensions do not apply in this sector, as each space needs to be assessed individually to create the most suitable rug. There are no limits in terms of how big or small the finished product can be to meet the project specifications.

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  • SHAPES: The shape is customised by studying the project plans. A specific feature of boats is that the perimeters of their rooms are irregular, thus requiring ad hoc shaped rugs. 

  • MATERIAL: As regards the material used to make the rug, this is also a matter of preference. Wool, bamboo silk, banana silk and viscose are just some of the yarns available to choose from, to make each space unique with luxury rugs to meet every need.

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  • COLOURS: Each rug can also be customised in terms of colours. There is a wide range of trendy shades to choose from. Depending on the model, the product can be customised with one or more different colours.
  • DESIGN: As with shapes, personality can be injected into a rug by commissioning a design. The production company will then handle the executive design.

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Production companies such as Sartori can offer quick turnaround for commissioned rugs and a wide range of customisation options thanks to their in-house team of experts, offering excellent delivery times to locations all over the world.

The company will work with the designer to agree on the style, dimensions and colours, in order to meet the specific requirements of the project.

To learn about Sartori Contract Division projects and choose the perfect rugs for your projects, download our free e-book!

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