Contemporary Rugs: the Colour Grey

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Contemporary Rugs  the Colour GreyThere are various factors to consider when choosing a rug to add to your home: your budget, décor style, personal taste and the rug pattern will all be key to the decision. Colour should not be underestimated either: grey, for instance, is among the most complicated options. When chosen wisely and with care, its various shades have the potential to create modern yet sophisticated spaces, lending an air of meticulous attention to detail.

Grey: an underrated colour

Grey might seem simple and easy-to-use, but this is not so. Though often underrated – and wrongly compared to black and white – it is a colour in its own right!  Ranging from charcoal to off-white, it can have beige, violet or even blue tones; it may be dark or bright, can radiate warmth or exude a cool air.  It encapsulates a truly huge variety of shades, bringing a simple, elegant touch to any space.

A Grey Rug: choosing the right setting

The entire spectrum of greys features in abundance in modern and contemporary rugs. Different shades and blends of grey, sometimes combined in the same piece, make it easier to choose a setting for the rug.  A grey rug may seem neutral, making it suitable for any home; it should be noted, however, that if it has beige undertones it will offer more warmth, while those seeking a more elegant look should consider a blue-grey rug, for a cooler feel.

Let us take a look at the modern and contemporary rugs available at Sartori Rugs, focusing on the collections with the most exquisite grey pieces.


The Galea collection features the most iconic patterns from the company's all-time most popular rugs.
Remaining true to Sartori's philosophy and brand DNA, it marries luxury with design, using the 100% plant-based yarns that give Galea rugs their soft, silky feel. 
These examples highlight the difference between the two shades of grey: warm on the right, cool on the left.


GL5302 Tappeti di design      GL6571 Tappeti di design


 San Marco rugs are made from a natural fibre that offers the same sheen and softness as its traditional counterpart, but at a lower cost. Choosing a rug from the San Marco collection means choosing Made in Italy design: elegant, soft and silky to the touch, and featuring vivid colours. Here, the grey has subtle beige undertones, to best blend with its surroundings.

ST5391 Tappeti di design     ST6001__ Tappeti di design


Nika is a collection of exquisite rugs, hand knotted by skilled weavers.
The ancient hand knotting technique combined with top-quality materials results in an extremely beautiful product.
Nika rugs are made from extremely soft, silky bamboo plant-based fibres. Charcoal is the dominant grey here, and is very dark. Combining it with beige creates a chiaroscuro effect that makes it suitable for a greater range of spaces.

NI1101 Tappeti modernii    NI1101 Tappeti moderni-1


Combining tradition and innovation, classicism and modernity, the modern vintage rugs have a unique appeal, making them perfect for spaces that foreground design. As you can see, this collection features the entire spectrum of greys, from very dark to very light, almost beige, shades.

KA5525 Tappeti Vintage

KA1125_ Tappeti Vintage-1     KA5618 Tappeti Vintage-1

Buying a carpet means making a home elegant and refined, with a timeless style. To discover all the secrets for furnishing your home with modern rugs suited to your style, read the free guide!

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