4 Best Types of Modern Persian Rugs

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The history and tradition of Persian rugs is very ancient: the first Oriental artifacts date back to the V or VI century, while the art of rug-weaving arrived in Persia in the XI century.

For many years the most refined homes have been enhanced by the typical floral designs and motifs of classic Persian rugs, and these exquisite handcrafted products are still considered a precious lifetime investment

Current trends in interior design have completely changed home decor aesthetics, and some may wonder whether these ancient and magnificent rugs can still find a place in our homes. We think they can: Persian rugs can actually be updated and revisited in order to suit our decorating needs.

In the last few years, rug manufacturers have found many different ways to restyle and reinvent Persian rugs, developing new products that can be considered a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The 4 best types of modern Persian rugs are:

1. Whole modern Persian rugs

This is a selection of ancient rugs that can be even 80 years old. Rugs are exposed to direct sunlight to obtain discoloration and are eventually re-dyed with modern colors like Pearl Gray, Sky Blue and Havana Brown. These stunning rugs match beautifully with contemporary home decor.


2. Patchwork modern Persian rugs

After discoloration, these rugs are hand cut and expertly re-sewn. The composition and disposition of rug patches of different dimensions is carefully designed by experienced rug specialists. Exposed stitching further enhances the patchwork effect.


3. Old Vintage Persian rugs

Old rugs that have perfectly preserved their weave structure and colors are not submitted to the discoloration and re-dyeing processes. They are hand cut and re-sewn with the patchwork technique, in order to look modern and satisfy customers’ needs.


 4. Hand painted modern Persian rugs
Whole and patchwork rugs can be eventually hand painted. This artistic finishing touch is executed by Fine Art students or Iranian artists, using specific paints and paintbrushes. Floral or geometric motifs can be painted on the rug’s entire surface or on smaller sections. These rugs skillfully combine tradition and new artistic craft.


Customization is a major trend in contemporary interior design. These one-of-a-kind rugs are the perfect choice if you want to add a personal and exclusive touch to your home decor.

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